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Pasuruan regency is one of tourism place in East Java, which has potency of nature, culture and tourism attraction that be able to expose the completely tourism enchantment (The East Java Natural Enchantment). Pasuruan is one of tourism object in East Java that has glamour nature and marvelous culture, such as panorama of mount Bromo seen from Penanjakan, or the fascinating of Tretes tourism area, the amazing of agro tourism area in Tutur, recreation area at Prigen, which presenting multifarious animals in Safari Park Indonesia II, the center of recreation and entertainment amusement of Taman Dayu, Fina Golf and there are still a lot of tourism object which is interesting to be visited.

Kakek Bodo Waterfall

It is located at Tretes and belongs to Pasuruan forest range unit. It can be accessible from Surabaya for about 45 minutes drive. Kakek Bodo is an esthatic Forest lines are located at the Pasuruan Forest District, Forest Ranger unit of the west Lawang, Sub Forest Ranger of Prigen. It's about 35 km from Pasuruan. This recreational forest has surrounded by pine forest and other trees such as, Akasia (acacia decurrens). Kaliandra (Calliandra Calathyrsus) and Mahoni (Swientenia Macraphylla). In this area we can find the Kakek Bodo Waterfall 40 meters high, the esthetic forest cross, recreational park for children, and the grave of Kakek Bodo.

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Indonesia is the world's archipelagic country, it has a total of 17.508 islands. Indonesia extends between 6° north latitude - 11° south latitude and from 97° - 141° east longitude, also it is situated between two continents.i.e. Asia and Australia/Oceania. This strategic location has a significant influence towards its Culture, Social, Politics and Economy.Indonesia's territory extends along 3.977 mile between the indian ocean and the pacific ocean. If the coastal area between the islands be connected, Indonesia's area would become 1.9 million square miles.There are five large islands in indonesia, they are : Sumatera with an area of 473.606 square km, Java with an area of 132.107 square km, Borneo / Kalimantan (The third biggest island in the world) with an area of 539.460 square km, Sulawesi with an are of 189.216 square km, and Papua with an area of 421.981 square km.


The islands in Indonesia was formed in the Miocene Era (12 million years BC), Palaecene Era (70 million years BC), Eocene Era (30 million years BC) and Oligacene Era (25 million years BC). With the arrival of people from Asia, Indonesia was believed to have existed in the Pleistocene Era (4 million years BC).The islands were formed due to strong tectonic alterations in Australia and The Pacific.Therfore, this makes Indonesia to be one of the countries that often changes its geological area in the world. The mountains in the Indonesian islands number more than 400 volcanoes, of which 100 are still active.Indonesia suffers vibrations 3 times per day, earthquares occurs once a day, and a minimum of one volcano erupting per year.


Pancasila is the philosophical foundation of indonesia, which comes from two sanscrit words "PANCA" meaning Five, and "SILA" meaning Principles.Pancasila consists of Five Interconnecting Principles:

1. The Belief in One God

2. Humanity which is Civil and Just

3. A United Indonesia

4. Wise Representation of Democracy

5. Social Justice for Every Indonesian Citizen

Indonesia is a Democratic country which is Governed by a presidential system and pancasila constitute the Principles underlying Democracy. Democracy founded upon the Five Principles is called Democracy Pancasila.The country's foundation was announced by President Soekarno (Indonesia's First President) at the republic of Indonesia's Independance Proclamation on the 17th of August 1945.

While Pasuruan is one of the regions in indonesia that has 2 different territories, The city of Pasuruan and The regency of Pasuruan. Both the territories have unique characteristics that develop those regions.

Pasuruan city Administrative Territory


a. Karangketug
g. Krapyakrejo
b. Gentong
h. Karanganyar
c. Sebani
i. Gadingrejo
d. Petahunan
j. Tamba'an
e. Bukir
k. Trajeng
f. Randusari


a. Pohjentrek
f. Purworejo
b. Wirogunan
g. Bangilan
c. Tembokrejo
h. Kebonsari
d. Purutrejo
i. Mayangan
e. Kebonagung
j. Ngemplak Rejo


a. Kepel
h. Pekuncen
b. Blandongan
i. Bugul Kidul
c. Tapaan
j. Bugul Lor
d. Sekargadung
k. Kandang Sapi
e. Bakalan
l. Panggung Rejo
f. Krampyangan
j. Mandaran Rejo
g. Tamanan


Border of territory

Pasuruan Located accross Malang, Probolinggo and Surabaya, which the border area are :- North side : Madura strait.- East side : District Rejoso .- South side : District Gondang Wetan dan Pohjentrek - West side : District Kraton.
The Area lies on 112°.45 to 112°.55 east longitude and 7°.35 to 7°.45 south longititude . the height range 0 - 10 m from the sea surface.

Natural Condition

Pasuruan is a lowland, the slope is 0 - 1 %, has 6 rivers with the total length ± 26.50 km, so by making a technic irrigation condusif for farming specially paddy, while near the beach there are potencial place for fisher / shrimps's pond.

Area Width

Pasuruan is 35,29 km² wide, divide into 3 districts consist of 810 RTs and 64 RWs, 34 villages(15 villages dan 19 villages ), the population 209.946 people (Data per Mei 2001).

Soil Type

The soil / lana is appropriate for farming by using technic irrigation Quality of water is quite high, because its vulcanical area, rich of mineral nara. the ctraple food is Paddy which growns on wet season and dry season. to plant the vegetable in dry season need special treatment because of drainase.


Fall of rain average each year 1337 mm, With dry (119 mm / month) and raining (200 mm / month ). while follow a map Agroklimat Jawa madura oldeman included type climate D2.
The Population highly increase per year . at the last of Mei 2001 listed that the population Pasuruan about 209.946 people by the solidity of rate 5.949/Km2.

Symbol Of Pasuruan City

Base of Rules

Rules Pasuruan City No : 7 / 1971 on 28 September 1971 and has been book on the sheet of East Java on 22 June 1972, No : 27/B.

The Meaning Of Symbol

1. Sura Dira Satya Pati :

Brave, Firm and loyal to the leader of the country and religion .

2. Colour :

a. Base Of Symbol : Green, Blue b. Border Trip : Red White, Features the protection and the spirit of red & white. c. Monumen And Paddy : Yellow with the black contour. The monumen describe the victory on the struggling againts the colony. d. Sea and Mountain : Green and the blue with the black contour symbolize the living. e. Cotton : White, green, blue and black contour describe about the prosperous and safety.

3. a. Shape of Shield a oval :
Describe the feature of defeanting from all the potension in Pasuruan .

b. Monument :
Describe the reult of the struggling against the colony thet give victory.

c. The Star :
Pancasila as the fundamental and the faith of the only one god.

d. Paddy & Cotton :
17 bunchs of padi at left side and 8 bunchs of cotton at the right side describe properous and safety of the city done to the clothes and food, economic element etc. That include the development of the aspect of life.

e. Sea and Mountain :
Pasuruan lies between the mount bromo and madura strait.

Introduction to Pasuruan City

Pasuruan City lies along the seashore and it's an ancient harbour. At the era of Erlangga this town is Called "PARAVAN" while at the era of china its called "GEMBONG"
Long time ago, there was a man from Blambangan named Kiai Gedee Menak Supethak the King of Pasuruan which then replace by a man from surabaya name Kiai Gedee Kepulungan who won the fight. After that he was replaced by kiai gedee Dermoyudo from Kartosuro. He Died when he governed his son then replaced him. He Has the same name with him. Kiai Gedee Dermoyudho escape to Surabaya when Pasuruan attacked by Mas Pekik. After Mas Pekik died he was replaced by onggowijoyo.
In 1671 - 1686
Pasuruan was governed by onggowijoyo as a regent. He was the descendant of Kiai Brandong. He Was defeated by Untung Suropati and escape to Suroboyo.
In 1686 -1706
Pasuruan Governed by Djoko Untung Suropati by the title Adipati Wironegoro.

In 1706
Djoko Untung Suropati fought against VOC in Bangil and he injured till his deadth until now his cementary still unknown but there is a cave that became the thing to remains him in mancilan village.
In 1707
The son of Djoko Untung Suropati name Rachmad replace him and continue his fight to the east and found his deadt in the battle.
In 1743
Dermoyudo IV name Wongso Negoro Nitinegoro was the man who replace Rachmad at that time VOC coverned the north sea of Pasuruan and Expected that Pasuruan as a harbour town. So it;s needed to be the capital of recident of Malang, Probolinggo, Lumajang and Bangil.
In 1916
Pasuruan expected to be the inportant town by the dutch. so on 1 July 1916 (stbl 1918 No. 320) STADS GEMSENTE VAN PASOEROEAN
In 1926
Persistent Pasuruan with map harbour and map important harbour (stbl. 1926 No. 512,changed stbl 1920 No. 426)
In 1928
The Residency capital of Pasuruan moved to Malang
Tahun 1935
Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo became a union. because of Pasuruan as the capital, so the Dutch Build several sugar mill around pasuruan such as (Kedawung, pengkol, pleret, and other mill in Probolinggo, Sidoarjo dan Malang). in accordance with that Purpose the dutch make a foundation for sugar reseach (Proofstation Van Ooc Java) the a foundation have biggest rule to seach it for the south area until now still active and named BP3G (Balai Penelitian Perusahaan Perkebunan Gula)
In order to develop the factory, built a workshop to overhoul the factory name De Bromo, on the independence era its called PN. Boma which has 3 unit as follow :1. Unit Bhinneka.2. Unit Turangga.3. Unit Wahana.
each unit have function as mani kind of job, machine unit and unit of trem.
In 1950
Pasuruan as a otonomic region consist of 19 village and one district.
Tahun 1982
Based on PP NO. 46 / 1982 on 21 December 1982. Pasuruan Have 3 district and 19 Village and also 15 village from Pasuruan Region.